Wrongfully accused of stolen valor


So this is a drawn out story, sorry…Heres the deal, my brother and I both served. He was in 10 years prior to me and was eventually dishonorably discharged. I did my stint, came home and started my life. He is always in competition with others, including me, whether they want to be or not. His idea of bettering himself is to talk down to others. I have always been vague about what I did because its nothing to write home about and well I dont want the attention. Ffwd 30 years and I end up going into surgery for one of the injuries I recieved while in the desert. I never said anything to my family that I was getting surgery, only person who knew was my wife. My brother called one evening and asked if we wanted to go to dinner, I was in the middle of an oxycodone coma and she told him about the surgery and he asked how the injury happened and she told him…he didnt believe it and threw a huge fit about how I was lying, stolen valor, blah blah blah and that I never said anything to him in 30 years so its not true. Its been a year since he spoke to me because of it. My sisters have talked to him about it and he refuses to even listen to me. They asked me about everything so I finally told them about the injury, showed them my disability b.s., dd214 and they are like wow ok. So they tell my brother and he STILL refuses to believe it. I dont get it. How can I get through to him or is it a loat cause? Anyone else gone through this? I lpve my bro and I want to hang with him again.

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