Will my TDIU be revoked if I work? Conflicting articles and info when searching.


Hello, I've googled and keep finding different answers that say both yes and no.

I have an 80% rating, and I was approved for TDIU a couple of years ago, so I'm being paid at 100%. My benefit letter says:

"You are being paid at the 100 percent rate because you are unemployable due to your service-connected disabilities: YES

You are considered to be totally and permanently disabled due solely to your service-connected disabilities: YES"

I've been offered a small, part-time gig that makes about $5k a month for a couple weeks of my time, and I'd love to take it, but I'm concerned I'm going to lose my TDIU status. I cannot afford to drop down to the 80% pay rate because I'm not sure how long this gig will last.

I've read that if you have TDIU, you CAN lose it if you earn over the national poverty-line, UNLESS you have the above statement saying you are considered totally and permanently disabled.

Then I read somewhere else that you can lose it regardless.

Anybody here know for sure before I take this gig and ruin my ratings? Thanks!

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