What made you shit yourself?


I know, weird question. I was walking less than 100 ft. from my CHU to the bus stop right by the Chapel at FOB Marez in Mosul on the Marez side to go to the DFAC. It was 150° F. Our command refused to let anyone do anything that day. I was basically soaked before I got to the bus stop at the halfway point. The bus pulls up, and we'll I shit myself as soon as I lifted one foot up on one of the buses steps. Not a solid shit either. It was one of those I've got a migraine or bubble guts pissing out of my ass shits that I had to get my underwear, 1 set of ACU's, 1 pair of socks, and my second pair of summer boots replaced. My section Sgt saw me after I had showered and said "I thought you were going to the DFAC?" Luckily I had snacks in the mini fridge. I laugh about that moment all the time. Especially when people say "It's hot outside."😂

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