Veterans that have been out for a while: Should I keep a set of cammies for sentimental purposes?


I got out in regards to a year ago after ten years of service and have a number of sets of sets associated with cammies that I kept meant for sentimental purposes.

I’m packing in the house to move soon and am know I won’t possess a lot of storage space where I am going, so thinking about eliminating them because in the 12 months since I got out We haven’t looked at them as soon as (they just sat at the end of a sea bag). Yet I’m hesitant because I believe I might regret not having all of them in 10+ years whenever I’m feeling nostalgic.

Vets which have been out a long time:

—Do any of a person regret tossing your aged cammies?

—Are any of you pleased you didn’t toss your own old cammies?

What are your thoughts?


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