Veteran Skaters



To hell with body pain. The army thrashed me for 13 years. I'm doing the same to myself as long as I can stand it (with pads). Things like skating and being in a mosh pit fill this super void I have by releasing intense negative energy I have built up. It's my adrenaline.

Might be a real long shot but is there like an actual group or just some friendly veteran skaters in Clarksville, TN? I feel like there's enough of us there should be.

Long story short. After a ton of the probs that are pretty common with us. I finally got a job I like and I'm ready and want to stop isolating myself away and try to make friends or at least acquaintances. I have a job now but I don't talk to anyone outside of it except my long-term girlfriend.

Some people say it's just your 30s. It's just an isolating time for most people. To that I ask why? I refuse to accept that as just the way it is when you reach a certain age. That's only true because we let it.

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