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Hey there all! I see a lot of content about vets who have immediate health concerns but are worried regarding the VA covering them.

For those who have the VA disability rating, you can find a VA authorized immediate care WITHOUT prior consent for any health issue, regardless if it is a service connected disability delete word. All you have to do is make use of the VA facility locator (for some reason I can not add a link to this post, our app is being whack) at the VA website. You look for Community Urgent Care services, and can go to any one of these. The VA will cover this, and you don’t have to do something. If you get a prescription, make use of the Facility Locator again to get the nearest Community Pharmacy but it will surely be covered by the VIRTUAL ASSISTANT as well. (I recently discovered the pharmacy thing — I had been paying out of pocket for non-VA scripts prior to this. )

Certainly if you have any doubts regarding your eligibility for this advantage, call the VA plus make sure you have it. But this can be a great way that veterans that have a disability rating to obtain urgent health issues addressed whilst being covered and also lacking to wait on the VA to have an appointment, or having to go to an urgent situation Room.

I hope this helps, I’ll attempt to edit in some links which have more info. SFMF

Edit: OK I could add links now. Remorseful, I’m on the mobile application so it was being dumb.

VA Service Locator

More info on VA-authorized Urgent Care benefits

Utilizing a local pharmacy (scroll towards the bottom section)

VA Immediate Care Card

Optum Rx – the business that provides the prescription insurance coverage with phone numbers for beneficiaries to call

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