VA Attorney question, looking for advice.


I am a submarine veteran having served from 2012-2017. I initially went through the rating process after separating and received a 40% rating for two conditions and later discovered I have another condition resulting from service.

I went through the whole process and received a 0% rating for the condition. Then in COVID hit in 2019 and I haven't been back into the process since due to not wanting to deal with all of the restrictions.

It's now 2022 and I want to get back to looking into the condition and how to get an appropriate rating, as it is affecting me daily and I was prescribed medication for it, however the meds were making things worse in different ways.

I wanted to know is worth it to hire a VA attorney? I can't seem to navigate how to properly file and correct this issue. I am currently living in San Antonio, TX area.

Just wanted to see if anyone has some good ideas or recommendations. Thank you!

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