Trying to change ADHD medication at my VAMC


I’ve been on Adderall for 2 years now. It works okay, but back in high school I was on Vyvanse, and I remember that working much better. I mentioned this to my psychiatrist at my last appointment, and he threw out the option to try me on Vyvanse again to see which is better.

However, in the days since, the pharmacy has been fighting us tooth and nail about it, not giving much reason other than wanting me to try Ritalin (didn’t even know that was still a thing) or Strattera (I’m allergic).

I just don’t understand how lowly pharmacy techs can have any say if both my doctor and I have agreed to try a new medication, which is obviously documented as being a popular treatment for my diagnosed ADHD. Seems like they’re just trying to save money. Thoughts?

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