Transitioning to civilian life. Anyone have way more difficulty than expected?


I got out 3 years ago (after 14 years active duty, no combat) to use my GI Bill for college and start a career that I felt passionate about.

Holy f*** its been difficult. I took for granted the support system, the comoraderie, the difficulty of understanding and navigating a world without that military structure. my new career choice is in the creative field and it has been a difficult transition. This has also been during covid so there is isolation on top of it thanks to constant zoom. Even simple things like sending emails or communicating outside of the military structure was difficult and makes you feel completely lost.

There is also the concept of purpose. While on AD there was plenty of purpose to grasp. Completion of the mission, saving the life, safety and protection of US citizens, ect. Now i have the burden of finding my own purpose which i would have never thought about being an issue. Making money doesnt do it for me. Its not enough to keep me motivated. I wish it were… Also i don't have kids so there isn't that as a motivation.

Anyone experience similar situations and have any advice?

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