‘Tell Congress It’s Time to Step Up’ on Gun Control


Readers express stress and outrage at the failing to pass stricter gun laws and regulations. “What about my directly to live in a safe local community? ” one asks.

To the Publisher:

Another mass eliminating by someone with an strike weapon. I’m so fed up with hearing about these activities. I’m tired of the fights from those who claim it is their right to own this kind of weapon for self-defense. I am tired of the platitudes plus “thoughts and prayers” through elected officials. And what I am really tired of, and very angry by, is the inaction simply by Congress to do anything about the incessant flow of murders by perpetrators using these weapons.

What about the right to live in a secure community? What about my directly to be able to go shopping, or to the restaurant, a park, the concert, a nightclub, with out fear of being murdered simply by someone with a weapon created expressly for mass eliminating?

What about the rights associated with my children and grandchildren to complete their education, operate a safe place, marry and raise a family, plus grow to a ripe senior years, without worrying about being gunned down by someone having a grievance that has nothing regarding them? When will our own elected leaders take steps to prevent this carnage?

Congress should require background checks for all customers, and assault weapons plus large magazines should be completely banned.

Lawrence Allen
Wake Forest, N. D.

Towards the Editor:

Re “ When the Filibuster Turns Lethal ” (column, 03 18):

Just four times before the mass shooting within Boulder, Colo., Gail Collins wrote that the House “just passed a couple of very, extremely moderate gun safety expenses. ” H. R. 7 strengthens observance of the Brady background-check legislation by requiring that all of gun product sales go through background checks. It shuts the loophole that permits customers to purchase guns from personal, unlicensed sellers, including from gun shows and on the web, with no background check.

Conservatives used to be for enforcing the laws. Even the gun reception used to say “just impose the laws. ” Nicely, now we’ll see which usually senators are for enforcing our laws, and that are for helping the weapon industry sell guns — with no background checks — in order to criminals, domestic abusers among others.

Firearms are the leading reason for death of Americans below 20. Many of those deaths result from people who could not pass the background check, but acquired a gun because of the loophole that will H. R. 8 shuts.

Whether or not this bill could have helped prevent the Boulder disaster is still unknown. Nevertheless, the particular bill is desperately required, and senators’ votes is going to be important issues in arriving elections.

Griffin Dix
Kensington, Calif.
The writer’s son had been shot and killed within 1994. He is co-chair from the Oakland/Alameda County Brady Section.

Towards the Editor:

On Wednesday morning I turned on CNN for further information on the Boulder shooting. As the list of sufferers was read, I noticed my friend Suzanne Fountain’s title and age read. We hoped it wasn’t the girl … but it was. The girl was a lovely person, a passionate mother to her son, Nate, a kind, loyal, supportive buddy. A senseless act associated with violence striking another local community.

The time for universal background record checks is now, and a ban upon all assault weapons. The public does not need access to military-grade weaponry. Unless the necessary legislation can be enacted into law, unfortunately and tragically someday it may be someone you know, someone you love, somebody you didn’t have to get rid of too soon.

Tell Congress it is time to step up for all of us and everything those lost to weapon violence.

Patricia L. Roth
Everett, Clean.

Towards the Editor:

American attorneys love to sue companies that will behave badly in a way that leads to injury or death. As well as the lawsuits they bring plus judgments they win replace the behavior of those companies. However the trial lawyers can’t prosecute gun manufacturers for the creation and promotion of innately dangerous products because of government law (the hilariously called Protection of Lawful Business in Arms Act ) that immunizes the particular gun and ammunition manufacturers and dealers from legal responsibility when crimes have been dedicated with their products.

Repealing that will immunity and making weapon makers subject to normal city liability, like any other company, will do more for “gun control” than any of the complicated, cumbersome and controversial procedures being touted (and there is absolutely no Second Amendment issue).

Plus states should enact laws making it clear that individuals who have knew or should have identified that a gun owner is definitely mentally unstable have legal responsibility to the victims and anyone that transfers a gun to anybody (other than to a licensed dealer) who subsequently commits the crime with it should also possess liability.

The prospect of million-dollar judgments will make everyone mixed up in chain of production, purchase and transfer of guns much more careful than anything being proposed.

Robert Atkinson
Sparta, N. M.

Towards the Editor:

After reading through “ We’re Stuck in the Cycle of Violence. For what reason? , ” by Brian Leonhardt (The Morning, Mar 25), and seeing the particular statement “More than 1 / 2 of gun deaths are usually from suicides , ” I would say we have the suicide problem in America just as much as a gun violence problem.

Jordan J. Broyde


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