Stupid reason for PTSD?


I tried to use my local VSO a few years ago to claim PTSD and after I sent him some documentation he just ghosted me. I finally got around to figuring out why and the only reason I can think of is he thought I was fucking with him or something?

I was claiming PTSD because a close friend of mine in the Navy tried to sell secrets to the Russian government. Sounds stupid, but it shook me to the core that someone I knew and trusted was basically a traitor. Since that incident I've been unable to form close relationships with people and, while I can keep a job, I can't trust anyone I work with, which can be problematic.

I'm wondering if I'm messing up trying to claim PTSD for this, or if the VSO messed up. It's such an oddball situation that I don't know if this even counts? Any insight?

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