SSI Disability was cut off two years ago. I think I need to be back on it.


Hello everyone. I am a 100% disabled combat veteran that did multiple combat deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan as an infantryman. I was wounded and had extensive physical injuries like GSW and shattered pelvis with the worst being my TBI.

I was on SSI disability since 2010 and SS made me get rechecked in Denver. They didn't test for any of my mental injuries, just physical things such as my gait and arm strength, etc. I was removed from SSI 2 years ago and in that time, I've been employed 8 times and fired from each job for one reason, or another related to my TBI (loss of memory, temper, attention to detail, etc.). This has really hurt my self-esteem and my income. I need to get back on SSI disability to supplement my income.

I live in Tahoe now, near Reno. I was on hold with the SS office there for 45 minutes until a recording came on saying there was no agents available. Next, I sent an email to the local DAV office asking for help. Now I have been on hold with the national SS line for over an hour. Is there anyone else I can contact that might help me to get back on SSI? Thank you for reading and I appreciate you all.

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