Reservist trying to deploy with disability percentage



I was rated 70% disability 3 years ago but I have definitely been improving from the medications, counseling and support systems that I have around my life. I did break my back on my last jump from jump school that brought my total disability percentage to 90%. My back has recovered, obviously not perfect but can do daily functions. That being said, I have an opportunity to deploy which will help me out tremendously financially. I have been struggling to find a job but this deployment is a position that I am overqualified for and I could be a huge asset to the team.

All that being said, is it possible for me to still deploy with 90%? I would obviously defer my VA disability compensation payment (cannot receive both pay). Would that lower my disability rating or would it simply require a waiver? Based on my journey, I have no problem getting my PTSD rating reduced for this deployment but I really want to deploy with my brothers and sisters. This will be my 3rd deployment but first deployment with a disability rating. Any insight/experience on this would be greatly appreciated.


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