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I might be all over the place with my questions sorry in advance.

I've been out for more than a year now, I have aspirations to attend a university using the Post 9/11 GI Bill. I've applied to three universities since I've ETS'd. The schools I applied to I heard very little back from. I just would like some guidance.

I have concerns about my high-school GPA. Having a 2.6 GPA I feel doesn't look good on my applications. I've considered going to a community college to at least establish a better GPA and help me transition back into a academic environment. Since I haven't been in a classroom (aside from SFLTAP) since 2018. Although I don't like the idea of using part of my benefit for a community college I still think it's an option I need to consider.

What are the program's for veterans to get back on track academically? Since I've been out of a classroom for four years I fear I've failed to retain some of my knowledge from high-school. I know there's a test to be a taken to see where you are academically, and they'll help you catch up to speed. Are these programs school specific? I Would hate to start classes just to be left behind because I don't understand the material.

I've always been under the impression that it's very easy to be accepted by a university as a veteran because; "its a guaranteed payment for the school" amongst other things. Perhaps I just need to apply to more schools? I'm pretty selective about the schools though. I plan on getting a Bachelors in I.T w/ specializations in Cyber Security and also getting my Certifications while still in school. I'm looking for a school that at least offers Cybersecurity Courses.

I've heard that applications fees are waivable for veterans or, at least for certain schools. Is this true? What's the process like?

Are there any differences between In-State and Out-Of-State schools for G.I bill users. For example I'm living in FL, but I'm looking at schools towards the North East ( New Jeresy, Illinois, Pennsylvania etc.) As they offer higher quality courses for my desired major. Will there be any issues with applying to these schools with the G.I bill?

I understand the G.I bill users get a Monthly Housing Allowance (MHA). Is the entire amount pocketed to the user with whatever Zip Code the school they attend is in? I won't lie I'm mainly looking at schools to the north-east because of the higher MHA pay, as well as getting away from home. I do understand it's because these places have a higher standard of living which is why the MHA is higher. With that being said, I don't plan on living luxury while in school. In fact I'm used to living in poverty. So I guess what I'm asking is can I attend a school with a higher MHA payout, get a cheap apartment and save the rest of it?

I'm pretty sure I'm forgetting some questions I had. Anyway Any guidance or feedback is appreciated. Thanks Guys.

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