PSA: Use the White House VA hotline for VR&E Issues


I’ve noticed quite a few posts recently citing issues with VR&E. I had some of these same issues, my counselor was MIA and the district office could care less. The WH hotline squared me away within 48 hours of calling, and I got a thorough, albeit forced, apology from my counselor for being a jackass.

I get places are overwhelmed and understaffed, but there’s a difference between being busy and just flat out not doing your job. And it’s obvious given my situation and others’ on here that these counselors are barring people from using VR&E for reasons outside of 38 CFR based on a matter of opinion. Yes, it is an employment program by design, but the problem is that the term “employable” is incredibly subjective, and as a result these counselors can basically deny anyone they want on a whim with some obscure justification in doing so.

These counselors need to be held accountable, and hopefully if more people utilize the WH hotline they will be.

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