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Never report to VHA I have Tricare Prime, Consequences?


What outcome would happen to me when I never documented my Tricare coverage to a VAMC?

Due to error billing every party can make when I make use of either VA and non-VA care I rather have VETERANS ADMINISTRATION take care of all my healthcare. The majority of care are at VA medical center and community care which usually this one involve another celebration called Optum.

Need to vent before I eat a gun.


This is going to be considered a long one. Combat Veterinarian. CAB. Iraq and Afghanistan.

Within November 2018 I reconnected with a friend from years as a child. I haven’t seen or even spoken to her since age group 9 just popped on Facebook one day.

She had simply no limbs. Quadruple amputee. The lady lost her limbs through misdiagnosed with the flu whilst she was really suffering from pneumonia. Illness advanced and she transferred out from something related to this. Her blood pressure dropped alarmingly low, they put her within a medically induced coma, given something to increase her stress and failed to monitor the girl. Her limbs started gradually rotting off and by time the hospital staff noticed it had been beyond saving.

Post operation after she is stabilized after spending a couple of months in the hospital, she is booted on the street with her mother and three kids. Required to live in a Motel six, while slowly starving in order to death. Completely unaware that will she could file case, file for disability, and other advantages.

This is how I reconnected with the girl. At the time I was working in Afghanistan, so I had the extra cash. I helped her look for a lawyer, file for disability plus gave her approximately $60, 000 to help with medicine and living expenses.

Fast forward in order to June 2020 and she is usually awarded $8 million inside a structured settlement. $750k in advance and $20k per month intended for 15 years. She offered me $200k for my help. I am still in Afghanistan at the time and the money strike in August 2020.

In Nov 2020, she asks myself for help because the girl paid cash for her home and was low upon cash. She is on around $8000 per month of medicine, so it seems reasonable and am still in Afghanistan at the time making decent cash. I can afford to help and he or she has a plan to sell portion of her settlement to L. G. Wentworth.

J. G. Wentworth totally screwed up the documents and issued a bad look for approximately $500k in 03 2021. Sets off all kinds of scams alerts with Bank ofAmerica. Wentworth insists it is not an issue on their side. We individuals a SVP for Financial institution of America for two weeks trying to figure this away.

In the meantime J. G. Wentworth can be taking her $20k per month as part of the contract. She is hemorrhaging me dry financially more than this.

She hires a lawyer within June to review everything. He or she finds multiple errors upon J. G. Wentworth plus Bank of America’s component.

06 2021, I lose the job in Afghanistan due to the withdrawal.

She is constantly in and out from the hospital because she cannot afford her medication on the consistent basis. Bank associated with America schedules appointments plus cancels constantly. I think they may be trying to kill her to prevent a potential lawsuit. Her attorney is fighting as difficult as possible but since it is a company transaction and she is of audio mental capacity Bank associated with America requires her existence at every meeting to try to solve this. Hard to do since they are the particular gatekeeper for over $500, 1000 and she can’t afford the girl medication to get discharged to be able to the meetings.

And my wife remaining me over this mainly because she swears I’m banging someone with no limbs plus an oxygen tank. I got my kinks but which is not one of them.

TLDR; trying to take care of the disabled friend has place me on the verge associated with financial ruin and committing suicide.

How much will the VA cover for me giving birth? (90% Disabled Vet, Female)


Do any female experienced have experience with this?

I can’t appear to find any info on this particular online.

I’ve been going to all of our prenatal appointments so far plus haven’t been charged. Yet will the VA include the birth of my child too? If so, how much? Are I paying out of pocket any?

I am the 90% service connected impaired veteran.


Need help not getting easier


I got out of the Air flow Force in 2014. I used to be a C-130 Load Learn. I act goofy constantly and my family and buddies think I’m happy at all times and love life yet I can’t take another 2nd of it. I had a kid in February and really like him more than anything plus my wife is amazing yet never served and the thinking is completely opposite. Yesteryear 3 years I’ve been absolutely enthusiastic about making enough money to become millionaire. I started functioning as an Iron Worker, spend money on stocks, and own two homes with about 2100 a month profit after home loans paid in profit. We’ve amassed over 200k within profit in 5 yrs in total of saving plus investing but keep betting and popping Norcos and also have a difficult time imagining the long run. I want to be successful and be children man but I always drop back to pills and alcoholic beverages and every tone I move days or weeks with no them or gambling We go back for one day plus love it until the morning after that re think it all. Provides anyone else had this problem and exactly what did you do to get better? We tried being a firefighter to assist people, an emt. Paramedic all of it. Got tired of individuals calling 911 because of small reasons and quit. Looking for a purpose. I know I love our son and family yet need something else too in the event that makes sense. Thanks for any kind of help I have been struggling to get 5 years now discussed to counselors, VA interpersonal workers you name it, however it just makes me really feel weak.

Trevor Noah Predicts Trump Will Post Dares on Truth Social

Noah did an idea of Trump posting in the new social media site: “OK, I shared my reality, now I dare you to suspend Mike Pence. ”

Welcome to Most of Late Night, a rundown from the previous night’s highlights that will lets you sleep — plus lets us get paid to watch humor. Here are the fifty best movies on Netflix right now .

Jesse Trump’s new social media application, Truth Social , was your talk of late night on Thurs. Trevor Noah touched within the site’s terms of support requirements for the “truths” customers can post.

“And, furthermore, you know what this means: If Trump is posting ‘truths, ’ knowing him, eventually he is going to start posting ‘dares. ’ OKAY, I shared my reality, now I dare you to suspend Mike Pence, ’” Noah joked while doing a Trump impression.

“In a press release, Trump described the need for his new social networking: ‘We live in a world in which the Taliban has a presence upon Twitter, yet your favorite United states president has been silenced. ’ I don’t think Trump’s producing the point that he thinks he could be in that. All he’s informing us is that he’s a lot more offensive than the Taliban. ” — JAMES CORDEN

“The site was quickly accessible to the public yesterday, and was immediately overrun by trolls, including person who started a fake accounts under the former president’s title that posted a photo of the pig defecating on its own ball sack. Are they sure that was an artificial account? Because it feels upon brand. ” — STEPHEN COLBERT

“Yo, this particular man is a legend. This individual creates a free speech internet site, and immediately was like, ‘OK, here’s what you can’t state. ’ It’s like when the first rule of Combat Club was, ‘Hey, hi, hey, no fighting! Simply no fighting! No fighting! We all work [expletive] out right here. ” — TREVOR NOAH

“At the same time, although, you know this is going to backfire, because half of the fun of becoming on social media is speaking [expletive] about the platform. ” — TREVOR NOAH

“How is Trump of people going to make a principle about disparaging comments? After all, this man roasts individuals so much, he has to do it from auctioneer speed. ” — TREVOR NOAH

“The man who have told over 30, 1000 lies in office has began something called Truth. He is also launched a new make-up line called Human Epidermis. ” — STEPHEN COLBERT

“It’s the perfect web site for any person who ever asked yourself, ‘What if Twitter has been only the bad parts? ’” — JAMES CORDEN

“The former president furthermore announced that he is setting up their own streaming service. Well, their — his second loading service. ” — STEPHEN COLBERT

“According towards the press release, they’ll proudly transmit ‘nonwoke entertainment programming. ’ That’s right, nonwoke! Whenever you can stay awake, your money back again. ” — STEPHEN COLBERT

“It’s going to function the former president’s favorites such as ‘Who Wants to Spank the Millionaire? ” ‘The Unmasked Singer, ” and ‘Only Fascists in the Building. ’” — STEPHEN COLBERT

On Thursday’s “Late Show, ” James Corden explained exactly how he was able to procure Celine Dion’s chewed gum as being a gift for Adele.

Illustrations simply by Ross MacDonald

Classic crime books by the likes of Agatha Christie , Ngaio Marsh, Dorothy Sayers, and Dashiell Hammett still hold up nowadays.

Wearing blues for wedding, Medical Retirement


I served four years, 6 year acceptance. I was injured and clinically retired at 60 %. Honorably too. (Obviously) Also i draw retirement. My fatass miraculously fits in my doldrums, and I’m wearing pertaining to my brothers wedding. Should i wear the retired lapel as dictated by the USAF guidelines or just my normal ribbons and rank?

HLR, Duty To Assist Error, Second C&P exam


So I filed the claim for my back again. Had a C& P along with VES. Got denied also tho I had plenty of proof and documentation. Filed HLR. Did the informal telephone call and was assigned another C& P with LFI (or whatever that one is definitely called). Did the second C& P and now I’m waiting around on a decision. It’s already been about a month since the C& P. Question is, precisely why a second exam? Idk the actual duty to assist error might be, but I think it was some thing about an MRI which i had like 8 yrs back. I think the first physician denied me because We didn’t have that MRI. However , I still can not get it so idk the reason why a second C& P. Basically got it, and had that brand new evidence, then I could view the logic of furthering the claim. Anyway, is this great news? I’ve heard that a 2nd C& P usually means great news. But that’s just hear/say.

Adjusting disability percentage


I got out of the army a little over 8 in years past. I was given an impairment percentage of 10% to get hearing. Was diagnosed with gentle to serve depression plus given medication while in the army. How do I go about on submitting a claim for the depression? I stopped visiting the VA for medication to test finding another way to deal with major depression through outdoor activities. Might that affect me submitting a claim? I am unsure whether the depression was considered my percentage either. Appreciate it I’m advance for recommendation

Biden Is Open to Scrapping Filibuster for Voting Rights Bill ‘and Maybe More’

The president pronounced any push to “fundamentally alter” the Senate’s 60-vote threshold would have to wait until right away Congress passed his a substantial spending agenda.

WASHINGTON — President Biden said in relation to Thursday that he was ready to accept ending the Senate verzögerungstaktiker so Democrats could appreciate voting rights legislation, improve the federal debt limit and may even enact other parts of this man’s agenda that had been blocked by means of Republicans.

Speaking at a CNN town hall meeting, the actual president also expressed expectations about passage of a few of infrastructure and social security device bills even as he purchased candid descriptions of closed-door negotiations with two Democratic holdouts.

Mr. Biden reported previously said that changing my filibuster rules to allow a great debt limit vote was previously “ a real possibility , ” but his remarks by Thursday evening suggested which he was ready to pursue wider changes to bypass Republican resistance.

At the town hall, the doctor said ending the verzögerungstaktiker — a Senate norm that allows the minority part of kill legislation that does not garner 60 votes — would have to wait until after definitely secured passage of the girl spending bills, which are suffering negotiation on Capitol Hillside.

The forthcoming said he would lose “at least three votes” in the social policy bill that he pushed an end in the filibuster. He did not admit which senators he would burn out.

But Mr. Biden appeared to be to blunt about his motives once the debate over the coughing up bills was over. Your ex boyfriend said the need to pass travelling across voting rights legislation liked by Democrats is “equally whilst consequential” as the debt reduce vote, which protects the whole faith and credit states.

Asked by Anderson Cooper, the host of the achievement, whether that meant yet be open to ending their use of the filibuster so that Democrats might possibly pass a voting proper rights bill, Mr. Biden referred to, “and maybe more. ”

The president said that workers who are pushing to end our filibuster to pass voting proper rights legislation “make a very good reason, ” adding, “We’re touring have to move to the point where now we fundamentally alter the filibuster. ”

Liberal activists have grown progressively more frustrated with Mr. Joe biden over the past several months as Conservatives used the filibuster to prevent project on major parts of those Democratic agenda. They have accused the president and his allies with Congress of being too couch potato by refusing to change the foundations.

On The 23rd, Republicans blocked act on legal procedure to bolster voting practices for the third time from the time when Mr. Biden took regarding. All 50 Democrats combined with independents supported bringing the Space to Vote Act on the way to floor, but all 70 Republicans voted against ahead of time, thwarting legislation that Democrats say would counter tries in Republican-controlled states in which to impose new voting limitations.

Some Democrats have advised the president to push for the modifications to the filibuster in order to pass an immigration renovate, address prison reform and as a result enact more ambitious weather condition change legislation. If the verschleppungstaktiker remains intact, they defend, Mr. Biden will pass on office with half your partner’s priorities unmet.

“Black and moreover Brown voters are as well as the same scene playing out and over and over, ” Stephany 3rd there’s r. Spaulding, a spokeswoman to add Democracy, said in a claim last week. “We launch huge mobilizations to get Democrats chosen. Democrats bring legislation within the floor that would benefit smaller communities of color, and Conservatives won’t even engage in a trustworthy good-faith debate. ”

“Senate Democrats can no longer divorce one of the filibuster from the promises additionally issues they ran regarding, ” she added. “They must act with seriousness to get rid of the filibuster. ”

Democrats appeared to earn some momentum toward exchanging the filibuster rules in may, after Republicans insecure to use the tool to prevent an increase in your debt limit, a move which experts claim economists said could lead to economic disaster.

But Senator Mitch McConnell, Republican of Kentucky and the minority leader, insured down and allowed good vote on a bill that the majority of raised the debt ceiling tiill at least early December.

Mr.. Biden’s comments on Thurs are likely to give Democratic workers some renewed hope he was will take on the filibuster. Liked also said he utilized the idea of bringing back a procedure, process that would require senators across conduct a filibuster simply actually speaking and actually ending the procedure once portions senators have given as well as speeches.

Your president spoke of the verzögerungstaktiker during a 90-minute event ın which he also expressed révélation that Democrats were nearer to a deal on his sprawling in the country policy package, which definitely said would surpass and the Affordable Care Act inside scope and impact on U.s society.

To advance that software despite unanimous Republican visiting team, Democrats are using a fast-track budget process known as winning your ex back, which shields fiscal the legislation from a filibuster. But Mister. Biden needs the guidance of all 50 Senate Democrats and nearly every House Liberal.

“We’re down to four or five is important, which I’m not going to cut on national television, ” he said. Lawmakers with aides familiar with the discussion would say talks are largely thinking about up to $2 trillion in spending over 11 years .

But after numerous weeks of talks largely engulfed in secrecy, the us president laid out a detailed assessment showing how he and congressional Democrats were trimming an initial $3. 5 trillion blueprint, consists of negotiations with two centrist holdouts, Senators Joe Manchin III of West California and Kyrsten Sinema and are generally Arizona.

Mr. Biden worshipful that expanding Medicare health rewards to cover dental, vision yet hearing — long championed by Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, the leader of the Senate Budget Committee in charge of a particular competition, golf course, rules of golf committee, etc. — was “a reach” because of Mr. Manchin furthermore, he believed, Ms. Sinema. Instead, the president reported they were looking to provide an hundreds of dollars voucher for dental work. Milliseconds. Sinema appeared open to all of the hearing benefit, he special, and negotiations were constant over vision.

“Look, in america Senate, when you have 50 Democrats, everyone is the president, ” Mr. Biden said.

The dog publicly conceded that your man’s plans to increase the corporate overtax rate could be jettisoned within the bill because of Ms. Sinema’s opposition.

“She says she will not women a single penny in tax witholding on the corporate side or on wealthy people, length, ” Mr. Biden pronounced. “And so that’s everywhere it sort of breaks down. ”

Ms. Sinema has via a private exchange committed to enough alternative duty provisions to fully fund dependent on $2 trillion in committing, said a person familiar with your girl thinking. A White Home official later clarified the fact that president was specifically with reference to the corporate rate.

But while Microsof company. Sinema was supportive on-line Mr. Biden’s environmental libreta and much of his planned spending, he said, Mr. Manchin remained as an alternative to a clean electricity school . Instead, the belonging to the said, he has pushed Mister. Manchin, who has balked at spending more than $1. 5 trillion , in which to approve redirecting around $150 billion set aside for the method toward other policies a lot encourage climate-friendly action.

“Joe is open to my prodding him that I can use the site to increase environmental progress without the need for it being that particular bargain, ” Mr. Biden referred to.

He also conceded that may two years of free community universities would be dropped from the arrange, set up, develop because of opposition from Mr.. Manchin and at least an added Democrat, and that he was as a replacement looking to increase the money accessible for Pell grants. The life long a federal paid family and medical related leave program had been eliminate to four weeks from 18, Mr. Biden said. As well as rejected a proposal, supposedly raised by Mr. Manchin, that an expansion of monthly premiums to families with an infant should have a work requirement.

Carl Hulse <! — section i. existence contributed reporting.

Tricare Enrollment Fee


I am retired and am receive Healthcare thru the particular VA. I decided to obtain Tricare since appts in the VA clinic and medical center are always booked. So when I needed to pay the enrollment charge I was charged the current 30 days as well all the way back to 06. I asked why and they also told me “so it would teach you had insurance until now. inch Is this normal? Thought since i have receive Healthcare thru the particular VA it counted since health insurance.