Monday, May 29, 2023
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Did Biden Find Reasonable Middle in Debt Limit Deal or Give Away Too Much?

The deal to raise the debt ceiling bolsters President Biden’s argument that he is committed to bipartisanship, but it comes at the cost of rankling many in his own party.

How did y’all affordable college?


How did y’all afford college, once y’all got out? I got 4 weeks left in the Army and that’s one of my biggest concerns. Already, got the Pell Grant and did BDD, but feel like that ain’t enough.

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Checking in…


How is everyone doing?

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Honoring Memorial Day at work


My sister visited Flanders Field this past year and brought me this handmade pin back. I am at work today at a party store and EVERYONE is gearing up for BBQs and parties and I want to honor the true spirit of the day.

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I need help


Needing to vent. The past 3-4 years of my life have honestly been hell. I don't think I can keep going for much longer. My soon to be ex wife abandoned me and took our daughter and dog and moved out of state… I won't say which state due to privacy, but a far enough state that I need to fly there to visit my kid. And when I am there, all I feel like is a visitor… I don't feel like her father, I feel like someone who just visits her. My ex talks sh*t the entire time that I am there which is not easy. She'll say that our breakup is my fault and she'll talk about dating other men right in front of me. And before she left me, she was very abusive and manipulative towards me. She was even physically abusive a few times.I miss my daughter and my puppy so much. I BEG my ex to bring our daughter to visit but she refuses.

Work also blows. I'm working a job I used to love but I now despise . My anxiety gets so bad at work that it drives my IBS to level 1000 and I'm literally having to go to the bathroom every 20 minutes! I know other co workers are noticing and talking behind my back. I've tried applying to other places with zero luck. I can't not work, I NEED the money.

I can't afford a lawyer. STBXW drained our joint account. IDEK how I'm gonna make my truck payment that's due in two days. I'm rated, but not by much to make a difference in my financial situation. I also pay her car note, car insurance, cell phone, and health insurance on TOP of my mortgage and other bills I have at home. I also owed this year on federal taxes.

Can't afford therapy. I was regularly seeing a family therapist but it was costing $400 per session AFTER insurance! Who can afford that??? I tried going to mental health at VA hospital Aurora, Colorado but I was turned away, told to come back on Monday! Aurora is 1.5 hour drive from where I live. I also tried reaching out to my company's EAP (employee assistance program) but nobody from HR is answering my emails or phone calls. Only thing I've been able to do is visit my doctor and try different meds and none of them work so far and give me terrible side effects.

My mental health is so bad that it's impacting my physical health. I now have chest pains and I need an echocardiogram to see whats going on with my heart. Another medical bill that I can't afford.

I'm just so unhappy… I just want peace and happiness in my life. I've been through some very dark times in my life but this period is the darkest.

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For Trump, the More GOP Presidential Candidates the Better

Ron DeSantis entered the presidential race last week along with Tim Scott, with others to follow. For the former president, the more candidates the better.

Living a normal life


Hey fellow veterans

I'm really struggling with my future. I've been out of the navy since 2020 when I was medically separated after almost 7 years of service. I took some time to myself afterwards, a break in work and life to rebalance and work myself into a normalish life. During that break I decided to give my marriage a second chance (we were already separated) and moved home. During that time my mom was diagnosed with cancer and I made the commitment to take her to every appointment and treatment, which was doable with wife working and my va income.

After a successful treatment for my mom, my marriage didn't work out and I went back to work in my relevant field (nuclear) and have been moved away in California.

I try to have an optimistic look at life even through all of my struggles. But honestly, I am struggling. Even with a pretty good network of friends and family, I don't want to go on. I'm not suicidal, but I don't want to struggle anymore. I have such a hard time finding happiness. I am honestly better off than a lot of people I know financially, but I'm not happy, and everything I've tried to do to be happy has failed to bring me happiness.

I just don't know what to do anymore and every decision feels like the wrong decision.

I'm at a loss. I'm tired, exhausted even. I just feel like there isn't much rope for me to hold onto. Even though I know things are okay ish. I almost just don't want to try anymore.

I'm currently sitting in my car balling my eyes out trying to make sense of myself and the world going forward.

Thank you for taking the time to read and any advice will be help. Thanks again

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Do you have any hobbies?


So lately I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and realized I don’t have any hobbies or things I really enjoy doing. I typically find myself playing games, but not having much fun. I was wondering if any of you had hobbies that you enjoy doing? Hopefully something with a low barrier to entry. Also, I realized because I have no hobbies, I really find it hard to make conversation. I know a lot of ppl enjoy talking about sports and I thought of getting into it, but I really don’t find it fun to watch.

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Looking to use the VA home loan


Hi everyone,

I'm a vet with 100% p%t. I live in nyc and I'm unemployed. Single dad with a 7yo and I'm looking to relocate. Money is super tight given NYC rent prices. I currently pay 2300 a month for a 2bd. I would like to buy a home out of NY (preferably VA, PA, DE, or MD) using the VA home loan. I already have the COE but I'm not sure how to move forward. Any guidance from the community would be greatly appreciated. Also, I'm in the process of using VR&E and my credit is bad as in less than 600. What should I do?

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What happens if I go to the ER and tell them I’m suicidal?


Thinking about it. Have been for a long time. Don’t know if I can hold out anymore.

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