non-VA medical debt


In December 2021 while attending school in NYC I experienced a medical emergency. While on campus I began having what the hospital called a "dystonic reaction", which left me unable to control my muscles or speak. I was on school property and the faculty deemed it a medical emergency and called 911. I don't remember much after the EMTs arrived, but I do know they saw my VA ID in my wallet. I was taken to a non-VA hospital anyway. I don't even remember being discharged to be honest, and the following 24 hours were a blur. (Yes, I know I should have called the VA and let them know within 72 hours so please don't harp on that, it was days before Christmas and life was hectic.) I attempted to file a claim about 2 weeks after the event, but never heard back from the VA. I recently received letters from both the NYC fire dept. and the hospital for the bills… Then today I received a letter from a debt collector for the $1500 ambulance ride from the NYFD. I'd rather this not shit on my credit score, but all I can find was the VA Form 10-583, but from what I understand that's only for debt that has been paid. Any insight is much appreciated.

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