No help for veterans at the University of Alaska


I just called the "Military and Veteran Student Services Office" at the University of Alaska, Anchorage and I told the individual who answered the phone that I had some questions about aid for veterans. They sighed, sounding annoyed and told me curtly that all questions involving veterans coming to their university are available online and asked me if I'm near a web browser and told me to Google their office.

I've only been in Anchorage for two weeks and wanted more of a conversation with a local and supposedly someone who might care to answer questions from a veteran. Am I wrong? Maybe I am. I just really figured the veterans office at the University of Alaska would at least let me ask one question, just one. It was just so crazy to me. I get it bro, maybe you think veterans are scumbags but that doesn't mean we can't receive an education.

Anyway I read other reviews of the campus and apparently stuff like this isn't limited to veterans so it doesn't bother me as much. I just felt like service members were getting the finger as usual.

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