Need help advice from fellow vets


I need some advice from you guys I've been reading lots of stuff on here and I am wondering when I should ask for an increase on 2 injuries. I was in an incident in Afgh where I was injured (PH) and I was got disability for PTSD at 70% and with my other total injuries I got I believe it was like 83%. I spent 3 tours in Afghanistan and I was a teacher at the time after my second deployment my lower back was never the same after the 3rd deployment in 2010 my back was destroyed and I went to the VA in 2012 and I got disability for my lower back and my right knee, both were for chronic arthritis. A year ago I had to resign from teaching after 14 years as a teacher my back couldn't take the standing anymore for 8 hours straight. I love teaching my certificate is good till 2026 which isn't hard to extend either. There are tons of jobs for my expertise in my state but my PTSD, anxiety, back problems keep me from applying. Since I was 17 I have worked and this is the first time in my life that I have been off for more than a year and I am in my mid 50's and while staying home has kept me off my feet and bending all the time and stuff my back has not improved ONE bit and I have had 2 physical therapy sessions, tons of medicine and looks like I'm heading back to Physical Therapy for a 3rd time. I want to go back to increase my back and knee….my PTSD was diagnosed about 3 years go (should of been sooner) but I was stubborn about it. I want to ask for an increase for my PTSD also as I have gotten into a "I don't care" attitude about everything. I am a retired reservist with 20 years and I accomplished a lot and I thought being an educator would fulfill my need to feel needed and accomplished in society but now that I am retired and semi retired from education I am feeling useless…I have another appointment with my Mental Health doctor next week which helps. If I am going to ask for an increase for my lower back and right knee (also not improving) what are some things I should be doing before I initiate those claims?

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