My Personal HLR Venture


This is my experience of my HLR hopefully it will give some insight but remember all claims are different, just stay true in work and deed,. I got the informal conference call of my HLR at 119 days which was in March 2020.

I submitted an HLR in January 2020 and it finally closed out June 2021. I did the HLR mainly on my plaque psoriasis which affected my feet, hands and forearms. Me being the knuckle head I am I did all the claims on my own. I was so mad (pissed) at VBA I included 12 issues they denied in the past. So In March 2021 I called "peggy" numerous times and got the same run around, until one of the "peggy's:" said your VSO can look at the progressive of you HLR. I googled VSO in my county made an appointment, gave them permission to look at my records and to represent me. Within a week the VSO called me in and he told me we were just waiting on a decision and that we needed to claim some issues I over looked. That was in April 2021 and the HLR claim closed end of June 2021. I got an appointment in July 2021 as my plague psoriasis was at 10% with the same denial only topical creams used. So the VSO filed an appeal to a judge direct docket. We went that route and I left his office and received the BBE(big brown envelop) or now days the small white envelop with a decision on my April 2021 claim. I was now at 100% but still mad as I should have rated a 100% before April 2021. Long story short the system works because a funny thing happened. I received another letter stating that my request was received for a direct docket appeal and is awaiting to be seen by a Judge and they would review all my records I'm still awaiting a judge but their review triggered a look at all the claims/records. After their review of all the claims they back dated the effective date to the original denial dates. I got a lot of backpay. Hopefully, this will encourage fellow veterans do a claim as my soon to ex would say "would you be able to severe today with all your issues". We served and we need to claim what is due. Good Luck and God Bless You All.

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