Loss of organ- hysterectomy


When I was active duty, I became pregnant. The pregnancy ended with a stillbirth and I apparently had retained part of the placenta. I later got as diagnosed with dysplasia and had to have a colposcopy with biopsies. I had horrible uterine bleeding for many years after that including my time in service (which I ultimately believe led to me being involuntarily separated due to failure of weight loss- I was very anemic and just not ok. ) I discharged in 1995. In 2003, after YEARS of that crap, I finally talked someone Into giving me a hysterectomy.

I’m wondering if I’d be able to claim loss of organ since all of that crap started after I retained the placenta and they didn’t appropriately care for it, and then subsequently had to have biopsies and colposcopy. The one thing that I think may be an issue is that apparently, my military medical records were lost in a fire? I’ve never been able to obtain them. I’m currently rated at 80% for other service connected issues.

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