Locating Old NJP?


Long story short, I'm going for a professional license where the background check asks about article 15s/NJPs. I was in boot camp more than 15 years ago and was called in to the company commanders office for something; I had completely forgot about this incident until that question on the background check and remember very little of the incident and outcome (that's how minor it was). No arrest, no fingerprint, etc. I don't even remember enough of the incident to write an explanation and how I "grew and improved" afterwards.

Where would I go to locate if it was even an NJP or not? I've read they get trashed after 2 years, and I know it's easier to just not say anything, but I'd rather get ahead of it if the record does exist. If it doesn't then I'll at least be able to say I did my due diligence.


Signed, a stupid recruit that did stupid shit.

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