LHI appt – help!


Hello, I recently submitted a supplemental claim for my previous denied TBI (got the Dx from private Doc).

Got a call from LHI to schedule exam. Thought it was going to be just for my TBI.

When I spoke with LHI (Optum Serve) they said I had a 90 min TBI and a 90 min PTSD eval. To tell you I’m scared $hitless is an understatement. My PTSD is static – I’m at 70%. What if I get a shitty eval person? Can they lower it? I don’t understand. Or maybe they are trying to separate my symptoms?

I was put at 70% in 2019 (combat related) and since then, was diagnosed with anxiety, major depressive disorder, alcohol abuse. I’ve been trying my best to get better (ketamine for PTSD, Naltrexone and peer specialist for alcohol).

Should I just massively lay it on thick? I hate talking to people about this shit. Not to mention, it’s Telehealth.

Any thoughts?


Edit additions: I’ve completed a peer specialist program with the VA for alcohol abuse (4 phone calls). I also am enrolled in VR&E to get a different career, as mine is not suitable for my disabilities.

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