Late Night Recaps This Year’s Congressional Baseball Game


“It was simply baseball, no politics, till the Republican catcher went nut products about having to wear the mask, ” Jimmy Fallon said on Thursday evening.

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Despite this week’s uncertainty in Washington, including the danger of a government shutdown, the particular annual Congressional Baseball Video game went ahead as planned, with President Biden and Speaker Nancy Pelosi among the spectators .

“It was just baseball, simply no politics, until the Republican catcher went nuts about needing to wear a mask, ” Jimmy Fallon joked upon Thursday night.

“It was a real nail-biter. In the eighth inning, I acquired a text from Pelosi saying, ‘We’re down simply by one run and only your own donation of $26 can change this around. ’” — JIMMY KIMMEL

“But Pelosi had to work the phone rather than watching what I’m certain was a terrible baseball video game. You think regular baseball can be slow, imagine what it is like with these bozos. ” — SETH MEYERS

“President Biden stopped simply by for the game, although it was obviously a little creepy when he or she left by disappearing in to a cornfield. ” — JIMMY FALLON

“He furthermore spent some of the game operating the phones, and then Biden left the park approximately one hour after he arrived. Which has big absent dad vibes: [imitating Biden] ‘You look great available, kiddo. Daddy’s just on the work call. ’” — STEPHEN COLBERT

“And while he was right now there, he handed out ice cream pubs with the presidential seal to the package. I scream, a person scream, we all scream, ‘Can you get back to work, Later on? ’” — JAMES CORDEN

“The Republicans beat the Democrats 13-12, but only since Kyrsten Sinema refused in order to tag anyone out. ” — SETH MEYERS

“The Dems had a possibility for a big win, however in the bottom of the ninth, May well Manchin wrote a notice cautioning that it would be irresponsible to score. ” — STEPHEN COLBERT

“All right, let’s move on for some news about Britney Asparagus spears: formerly a girl, yet presently a woman. ” — TREVOR NOAH

“Jamie Asparagus spears, her father, is vacating his daughter’s conservatorship to pay attention to his true passion, aiming to jump an ATV more than his aboveground pool. ” — JIMMY KIMMEL

“It has been 13 years given that a court put the girl under a conservatorship, which means the lady can’t spend her own cash, she can’t make her very own career or medical choices and she can’t even select her own fighter in ‘Super Smash Bros. ’ The lady just has to be Diddy Kong every single time! ” — TREVOR NOAH

“And stage sets to her fans for making this particular happen. Because you know who have really was ahead of the curve? That will ‘Leave Britney alone’ individual. Yeah, at the time, we were such as, ‘Whoa, that’s a little outrageous! ’ And now we’re such as, ‘Yo, let’s put this particular [expletive] on the Supreme Courtroom. ’” — TREVOR NOAH

“I mean, Britney Spears is worth $60 mil, yes — but the lady doesn’t need a conservator. You understand who does? People with $60 billion dollars. Those people are out of control. I am talking about, name one thing Britney has been doing that’s as wasteful and, like, mindless as entering space in a giant male organ. ” — TREVOR NOAH

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