Jimmy Kimmel Heckles ‘Future Former Florida Congressman’ Matt Gaetz


Kimmel poked fun at Gaetz and his friend Joel Greenberg for making their Venmo dealings public: “One of those ‘salads’ cost more than $1, 1000 — I guess they additional avocado. ”

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Jimmy Kimmel poked fun from “future former Florida congressman” Matt Gaetz on Thurs night over the more than 150 public Venmo dealings that Gaetz and his buddy Joel Greenberg made to a large number of young women .

“Three payments just for $500, $500, $250, tagged ‘ice cream’; five additional payments labeled ‘salad, ’” Kimmel noted. “One of these ‘salads’ cost more than $1, 000 — I guess they will added avocado. ”

“Two of the transactions had been for ‘stuff’ and ‘other stuff. ’ And i’ll just tell this: It’s bad sufficient that Matt Gaetz is certainly implicated in doing ‘stuff. ’ But ‘other stuff’? That’s outrageous. ” — JIMMY KIMMEL

“And, naturally , we know about all of this mainly because stupid Joel Greenberg produced his Venmo transactions general public, as did Matt Gaetz. They didn’t check the personal privacy box. What’s the opposite of the criminal mastermind? ” — JIMMY KIMMEL

“Chances are usually pretty high that if you have broken the law, there’s proof of it on your phone, specifically since Gaetz was apparently using Cash App plus Venmo to make payments in order to his indicted buddy. Was once when politicians broke legislation, they stuffed an package full of $100 bills plus met their contact in the parking garage. Now these people just Venmo a buddy with the emoji of an envelope filled with cash. ” — SETH MEYERS

“I’d say along with having your phone seized, being chased down a flight associated with stairs by a crowd associated with reporters and getting hustled to the back end seat of a waiting vehicle isn’t a sign that points are going great. That’s traditional corrupt politician stuff. Nobody ever in that situation is within it for a good reason: ‘Sir, sir, can you tell us the way you cured cancer? ’ ‘I didn’t cure cancer; cease spreading lies about me personally. Now, if you’ll pardon me, I have to be rushed straight into this unmarked van. ’” — SETH MEYERS

“In Canada yesterday, a member associated with Parliament, which is Canada’s similar to our House of Representatives, unintentionally exposed himself on an recognized government Zoom meeting. Their camera was on, this individual didn’t know it, and everybody saw his Canadian bread. ” — JIMMY KIMMEL

“This is the Canadian edition of storming the Capitol. ” — JIMMY KIMMEL

“People alerted him immediately after they took a million display screen shots. ” — JIMMY FALLON

“Before putting on pants, he or she was like, ‘It’s cold right here today in Canada, is not it cold? Everyone’s discussing how cold it is. ’” — JIMMY FALLON

“He was completely naked. He was changing following a jog, and thought their camera was off. To any extent further you can call me that will guy’s camera because We are turned on. ” — ADAM CORDEN

“The person in Parliament apologized and described it was an innocent error — but also, if you want to notice more, check out his OnlyFans page. ” — ADAM CORDEN

“Of training course, he apologized — he is Canadian. He would have apologized whether it happened delete word. ” — JIMMY KIMMEL

“But can you imagine issue happened here? If Jerry Nadler started swinging their thing around on digital camera? ” — JIMMY KIMMEL

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