If youre ever being taken to a NON-VA Emergency Room, this is what you need to know IMMEDIATELY.


Hi everyone, We work for VHA. I want to talk about a little known benefit that will I’ve learned is not discussed nearly enough. Save this in your phone today. Only use your preferred method of contact. RR this get stickied

Non-VA Er reporting protocol

1-844-72HRVHA, or 1-844-724-7842 Https: //emergencycarereporting. communitycare. veterans administration. gov

“It is important to record instances of a veteran presenting to some community emergency room to VIRTUAL ASSISTANT as soon as possible (within 72 hrs of receiving care) since it allows VA to assist within coordinating care or exchange and it helps that management and clinical requirements just for VA to pay for the treatment are met.

Failure to document timely may impact the Veteran’s eligibility for VIRTUAL ASSISTANT to cover the cost of emergency therapy… In most instances, comma veterans qualify to receive yet to receive Section of Veterans Affairs certified emergency care it treatment at an Inn network service if VA is informed of the emergent event inside 72 hours.. Veterans need not check with VA Before phoning for an ambulance or likely to an emergency department. During a healthcare or mental health crisis VA encourages all experienced to seek immediate medical attention immediately. ”

Take away message: The moment a person check in for care starts your 72 hr countdown. Anyone can report simply by calling or getting on the web.

They have on each of us to make sure our brothers and sisters know about this particular which can save us through thousands of dollars of emergency room expenses simply by contacting the VHA.


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