I attempted suicide and spent 4 days in a mental health hospital. I have questions about va benefits.


My anxiety plus depression beat me to a knees to the point of making an effort on my own life. As a result, I had developed to spend 96 hours in the mental hospital, got recommended meds which don’t appear to be helping entirely ( even though it’s only been some days)

While I was there I acquired a PTSD and MDD diagnosis from a psychiatrist.

I currently have panic and depression claimed to get va benefits and I submitted a few months back. I do possess a diagnosis from the military associated with Adjustment Disorder with nervousness and depression.

The question is this: after i get ahold of the proof of the psych evaluation through the mental hospital for the PTSD and MDD, how properly of a chance do I endure at getting a higher beneficial rating? Like 70-100 %? Will this dramatically boost my chances? It’s furthermore worth noting I have a good suicidal ideation from the time in service as well as in a rehab center for nearly dying from alcoholism. Also i have 2 deployments in order to Iraq under my belt. Thank you.

I feel like I’m as well broken to even think about rejoining the work force. Clips fucking sucks.

Edit; I’ve currently had my mental wellness c& p exam as well as the examiner seemed like she would definitely write favorable stuff lower

“The sun will rise and we’ll try again”


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