Hoping for some thoughts on MEB


I started our C& P exams at the begining of March, finished 3 Might. My PEBLO uploaded the results to Tricare Online 3 or more Jun. “Oh I did not know you had so many problems. ”

1 – I maintain seeing people on right here say they got their own rating in a week. So what can I expect here? Schedule, next step, does this obtain easier?

2 – I was identified as having a lot, ptsd (reduced dependability with SI) anxiety major depression and insomnia (all properly documented and treated). Ankles, knees, wrists, shoulders, back again, neck, tinnitus, gerd, irritable bowel syndrome, monthly migraines, plantar fasciitis (for ten years) and TMJ. Still need to add hands neuropathy (I am shedding things with non-dom hand) and broken heel.

I know it is irresponsible to ask individuals on reddit to price me, but I nevertheless want to hear what you believe.

I am struggling a little these days therefore go easy with your responses. I have nothing in common along with anyone in my life at the moment. When I talk about this, I simply get blank stares. The one thing worse than the waiting is definitely my PEBLO.


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