Help: VA denied / did not recognize some new claims, held me at 90%


Hello fellow R/Vets,

I have already been at 90% for a while, previous reserve USMC infantryman x2 tours.

I recently did the “rapid claim” and was stunned 32 (maybe 33? ) days later when I could have my Ortho-physical performed, hearing exam, and Psychology, to get a notification on EBenefits that my rating offers held the same.

I was denied any kind of increase (I’m at 30) for PTS/Adjustment disorder, regardless of telling the psych guy I drink to rest, got prescribed Ambien, and so forth I also felt rather brief changed as this guy exactly who interviewed me, maybe spoken to me for 6-7 moments.

I had fashioned 10% for tinnitus, however they gave me nothing for listening to loss, as my listening to has definitely gotten worse…. wtf?

I believe I claimed sciatica of the back, and for a few reason that’s not even described in my decision… Anyone obtained any tips or suggestions when I go to appeal this particular?? I want to get my other poultry in a row and document the formal appeal the next day. I just got the (bad) news about my 90% rate staying the same the other day. Thanks guys!


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