GI Bill stopping mid-semester


I have 6 months and 22 days left of my dad's GI Bill left from undergrad and am using it for law school. Considering I'm a dependent, will my benefits continue next semester through the end of the semester (i.e. full semester coverage + full semester BAH) since I'll have about two and 2/3's months left, or am I a hard stop and the VA will only pay a proportion of my tuition + fees and only give me a couple months worth of BAH next semester? I am also not sure if my dad opted for post-9/11 or used Montgomery and received some sort of extension, because I'm not sure why I still have so much time leftover after completing a 4-year degree.

ETA: Def not Montgomery, I got BAH and all that during undergrad, so this is definitely all Post 9/11.

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