GI Bill OJT.


My current job qualified for OJT, and to receive MHA during the process. I was approved for 24 months. I had already been working at this job 1.5 years, so I was told I would be back paid the previous 18 months then monthly for my final 6 months. I only received payment for months 7-24(80/60/40), I never received back pay for the initial 6 months at 100% my local bah. When I contacted the GI bill support over the phone(I’m not familiar with their proper job title) they told me since it had been over a year that I would not receive the first 6 months of pay(then why even use those 6 months of my GI bill?)

I can’t find any information regarding this clause. If anyone has information or a link that would enlighten me it would be greatly appreciated.

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