GI Bill MHA Decreasing…


This is a bit of a rant, obviously it does not apply to all areas.

I live and go to school in the Washington DC metro area.

Inflation is skyrocketing.

Cost of living is skyrocketing. Filling up my tiny "economical" Civic now costs as much as filling up an Escalade did 18 months ago.

Real estate is skyrocketing. The median home price is currently at all-time historic high across every zip code.

Rent is blasting upwards by double digits. It's not uncommon to see 40% increases for the past year at least.

The cost of literally everything is going up at breathtaking speed.

And I receive the new MHA numbers for the upcoming year… a $200/mo CUT. That's almost 10%! Returning it to the same level that it was in 2019, as if nothing has happened at all in the interim. I thought this stipend was based on cost of living? They could have at least left it unchanged. In no reality did the cost of anything decrease.

Who is doing these calculations? Seriously. Is there someone I could send an angry letter to about this?

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