Feeling stuck, is there anything I can do?


So I’ve recently graduated(Spring 2021) and started my career working for a public accounting firm the following fall. I enjoyed accounting while I was in school and chose to work in the audit service line because I enjoy working in a team trying to finish a singular goal. At first, I really enjoyed my job. However, I’ve begun to despise it. I’ve been here for a little under a year and feel like I haven’t grown at all. I know that there’s a lot to still learn in this job, but for some reason I’ve just lost my motivation to even try. Whenever I ask questions to my bosses/client it feels like I’m not getting heard bc they seem to not answer my question. I’m not sure if this is bc I lack critical thinking or what. Overall, I feel like I chose the wrong profession. I used all of my GI bill along with voc rehab (I changed majors twice) to finish my BS in accounting. I’m not sure if changing service lines(going into tax/advisory) or going into industry is going to help. Additionally, I live in the Bay Area and my gf doesn’t want to leave(she was born and raised here). I hate it here, it feels like I’m living life on hard mode and besides my gf and her family there’s nothing tying me to this area as I am originally from Texas. I barely have any friends and since Covid I barely even leave the house. I’ve also been smoking weed everyday pretty much since Covid started, which I want to stop(especially since I’ve been coughing up blood once in awhile), but I somehow always end up buying more weed and smoking it. Honestly, I feel like I’m just a shell of my former self and I hate how I got to this point. Honestly, I feel like I have no one I can talk to about my problems without getting judged or being a nuisance (I’m not suicidal, just unhappy). I know I should get help, but I don’t even know where to start. There’s definitely more to this, but I feel like it’s already gotten really long.

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