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Is there any help for permanently disabled veterans who were non-combat injuries?


I was injured within a roll over accident exactly where I was flung from the automobile and revived damage to the spinal cord, L4, L5, plus S1 discs were wounded and have developed degenerative disk disease, and I have suffered a TBI from the move over and now have hallucinations plus massive mood swings. I had re-injured myself trying to function because the VA has been getting their sweet time along with working on my urgent situation and I’m backed up towards the wall with bills and am physically nor mentally are unable to work. Is there any organizations or programs that can help me personally financially until the VA means my disability rating and am start getting paid? We normally wouldn’t reach out designed for help but I have a spouse and a kid to take care of therefore I’m swallowing my satisfaction.

Never signed a DD-214, seeking advise.


I’m on fatal now, my command informed me PSD would send me an email along with my DD-214 which I never ever received. Today I recognized that’s because I certainly not routed the DD-214 upon NSIPS & I’m concerned it’s too late because our EOS is 6/14/21. In the event that my NSIPS account turns into disabled due to my EOS coming up Monday, how do I start receiving my DD-214?

community care


i can no longer visit va because me plus my psychatrist got in the huge fight he had been smart with me and i vulnerable to kick his butt while in his office and am was involunataried. I then informed the director to hug my ass. Can they retaliate in anyway and wreak havoc on my benefits? I am support connected mental health.



Is anyone assistance connected for a mental health but think its something different? For instance your service linked for depression but you believe its bipolar. Is it your work to get it corrected or even changed or can you simply keep geting care for everything you think you have even if the company connection is for depression? Present doctor thinks I am zweipolig but I am to frightened to go through anything with transforming my benefits.

Transfer GI Bill to Sibling?


So my nephew thinks he can transfer their GI Bill to their younger brother. Is this anything? I can’t find ANYTHING onto it anywhere on the internet. I just see the ability to be able to move to spouse or dependents. Also, he is in the supplies now after four many years of active duty, does that impact it? Thanks in advance!

Using VET TEC twice on similar courses?


I’ve done several research on Hack Reactor and I see it as a great option for me, but really difficult to get into and the training course is pretty rigorous. I got with the pre-work with a lot of Collection Overflow and even if I allow it to be past technical interview, I actually don’t think I’m proficient sufficient with JS to be able to maintain the class. At the degree I’m at now, coach anyone how to difficult for me to make improvement without structured learning.

Hack Reactor has students with CS degrees/more experience and We have read about people dropping out there so I want to be better ready. Would I be able to make use of VET TEC for a complete stack bootcamp that’s a lot more beginner friendly and then carry on to Hack Reactor later on?

Is the track your claim tool down for anyone else? It's getting my hopes up that my claim is finished


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Effective date error appeal


I had a telephone call with the VA and has been told the effective time that I received was incorrect so I’m planning on attractive. Anyone ever filed a good appeal for an effective time error? Which appeal do you use? Supplemental or HLR? and how long did it get for VA to fix the particular error?

Advanced Networking Training


I work as the Network Security (Firewall) Officer but my Routing plus Switching skill is limited plus it’s affecting my capability to troubleshoot complex issues. I am planning to use the Army KONSTRUERA to get training and accreditations. Do you have any recommendations? The particular Army Credentialing program includes a list of vendors but Dont really know which one to choose. Good input.

Looking for a new job


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