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What to Utilize Montgomery GI Bill Benefits on After Completing My Masters?


Hello anyone. I wanted to give my post title some context. I’m currently on the verge of receiving an ETS from the USAF, and I &# 039 have already earned my Bachelor’s and# 033 degrees. With the intention of earning a Master &# 039 in Cyber Security from WGU, my plan is to return to school as soon as I graduate. I &# 039 will still have some time on my GI Bill benefits, though, given that he or she will finish this program in about a year and half.

I’m writing to this community at i &# 039 to ask for suggestions on how to maximize the remaining funds on my GI Bill. Have any of you experienced a similarly circumstance or are familiar with one? If so, how did you or they make use of the remaining results? Any advice or insight would be significantly valued!

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HS Student 18 before College VA Dependent?


Bluf: My Dependent turns 18 in April, but she won’t graduate from high school until the end of May 2023.

Her high school graduation day is 2 weeks away when I try to fill out VA Form 21 – 686, so I am unable to do so.

Even though she has already been accepted to college and registered for classes, do I have to let her go off my benefits, bachelor, and then go back and extend her the day after she graduates?

Tldr: The form won’t let me enter the student’s upcoming graduation date to demonstrate that she has already been accepted into college because she turns 18 before graduating from high school andamp.

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ATC after military


I presently serve in the military as an 11B. ETS is anticipated in in a year. I’m marriage and want to earn some money without having to be apart from my partner constantly. ATC does indeed check those crates, I discovered.

I was unsure of my chances of landing this work. And if it helps, being a vet. If so, what course of action did you suggest?

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I was exposed to burn pits but don’t have any medical conditions that I know of… Do I need to do this environmental health registry thing?


I responded that the title of this article says when my physician asked if I was exposed. She gave me a few brochures mentioning this website:

In situation I run into issues in the future, I want to be on whatever number they are making for this. However, if I and# 039 aren’t having issues right now, do I still need to take this interview?

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Dependents Question


Greetings Fellow Vets,

I’m never sure if this question has been posed in a while. In April 2022( Scheduler ), I became 100 % P & amp, T. The same quarter, I also got married and added my wife, to whom I had a formal marriage( not through prominent law ), to my list of children. I am her only distributor because her mother moved in with us in April 2022. Given that she is my mother-in-law, may I be able to include her in my list of children? She reportedly only receives$ 1200 from public security each month. I appreciate your help and guidance in boost! !

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6 years in, not getting out yet but know I want to… but not sure what I want to do. Where can I start?


with a TS / SCI for six years. I enjoy my job, but I’ve come to the realization that I don’t want to commit to it for 20 years. The balance is probably the main way keeping me in, and it applies to a lot of us as well. But even that has changed recently.

I’ve already extended a year, and I generally will do so again. Prior to enlisting, I attended university, but I dropped out during my final years. I want to go up, but I have no idea what level may be best for me in the outside world. I’m attempting to enroll in Skibridge, but it’s generally quite soon for me. I hope to stay on the south coast, but I want a strong, stable job with good pay. I’d love to find a good position in the Boston area, but I have no idea what is available or even where to start looking.

What choices do I have available to me? What would be a great course of action for me to take in my last two years in order to obtain certifications and degrees? If it helps at all, I have interests in media, politics, government jobs, and words, but I would also be open to considering a career that emphasizes computers if it is more feasible and stable.

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Incorrect training days for drill pay and disability compensation


I left the resources in May 2022. I only completed 18 days of training for FY202, according to a letter I received from the VA stating that they &# 039 were deducting 42 days. Evidently, the system malfunctioned somewhere, and # 039 is unaware that I was able to escape.

The attached 21-8951 style requests the commander’s signature, but I have no idea who the original CO is, much less what is going on with them. If they did, I would respond.

Who would I even take this to if I had my supply separating orders for May 2022 and was complete the 8951 style without the CO name?

The option provided in the letter directs me to a link where I can share documents, but it does not specify the situation or what the purpose of the upload had been. The letter is ambiguous about how to submit it online.

Is the CO &# 039,s signature absolutely necessary? To repair this, who may I speak with?


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If you are a Long Island based soon to be out of service drop me a line…


We are hiring two posts in South Shore Nassau County if you have ever considered working in tech assistance. For someone starting out in the human men or coming back, it’s the ideal job.

Yes, this is a real-world position, and we’ll teach you. The annual salary range will be between 40 and 46k.

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