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What happens to my clearance if I decide to take a 3 month break from work after my enlistment?


I have a Hs, and I want to go back to my human contractor job after clearing it.

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Has any one found a remedy for night sweats?


Has somebody discovered a treatment for nighttime perspiration? My perspiration appears to be worsening. Every morning I wake up completely drenched. My home is 65 degrees at night, so I’ve changed my pillows.

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Looking for advice on GI Bill stuff


Since I left the Army in 2010, I am not eligible for the Forever GI Bill. I went to law school using the Post 9 / 11 benefits, and now I work in-house. I &# 039 have just under 11 months of benefits left to use up, and my benefit eligibility expires in November 2024.

Technology certifications can help me advance my career in our IT and privacy sectors, but they are in no way essential to my job. I &# 039, I’m thinking about trying O2O for more training after using VET TEC to earn a CompTIA Sec + through Intellectual Point.

I &# 039 would like some advice on this: if that works, it doesn’t reduce the GI bill. How should I make the most of the day I have left?

Would it be better to stick to the above plan and use the extra time on something more enjoyable and interesting or to avoid IP( I &# 039, have seen some of the criticism ) and work on tech training at a nearby university or CC?

I &# 039, I’m not sure how cool my work would be with a long leave of absence and I need to be paid; lengthy wilderness courses might not be an option, but I like the concept. I &# 039, I’m interested in simply enrolling in random courses, but do I need to work full-time to fully utilize benefits? I might be able to learn how to rivet, but I’m not sure if I need to complete a training course.

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Grand Jury Meeting on Trump Evidence Canceled, Pushing Possible Indictment

Although prosecutors have indicated that an accusation of the former president is good, great courts work in secret and its exact timing is still unknown.

Dropping a Class on the GI Bill


With the exception of this semester, everything has been going nicely while I’m in my second year of study for the GI BILL. I’m taking a algebra class and am utterly failing, so I have little chance of passing. Since the semester is half over, I want to know how that will enhance my benefits and everything for this period. I’m planning to cut it and get the last semester, which is supposed to become much easier. and how I ought to approach this. I’ve gotten in touch with the school’s defense office, but I was curious if anyone else had had a matching experience. Thank you!

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Vocational Rehab


Who is aware of the day that Voc detox 31 pays out? I’m grateful!

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This retirement thing feels weird…


About a week ago, I signed out on pensions left. I began to grow my Freedom Beard. I drove my wife and I to Florida. I can’t restore my login on the Florida DMV gate, so I’m currently sitting on hold with them. Nowadays, my wife and I went shopping for planting supplies. I deleted WhatsApp and left the Platoon talk. I have 80 days off, but my future employment is still up in the air( much report). I’m still awaiting the outcome of my Scrum claim. The limited Army uniforms and other items I now had from clearing post were packed away by my wife.

It doesn’t &# 039, it fell like I did, and I’m actually retired. I remember that I deleted the app after checking my phone to see if I &# 039 had missed any information that had been published. Sincerely, it seems as though I am only on give and that one morning I will have to get up and go back to work. I have 80 years, and even if it takes a little longer, I don’t pay lease( staying with family ), and my automobiles are paid for, so I’m not too concerned about the job thing right now. The company is still working to fix the problem.

Since we moved, I have found that I am sleeping little better. Before I left, I was hardly receiving 4 to 6 hours per night, which may have been due to the stress of HHG, post-cleaning, and finishing it. I’ve been sleeping like a stone since we moved in, getting 7 to 9 hours per night.

I don’t know# 039, maybe it just hasn &# 039, t sunk in yet. Everyone different experience this upon exiting?

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I served with some evil people. Primarily NCO’s with zero accountability, and it still messes with me years later from time to time.


After directly stating that she had no interest in that sort of thing, one NCO attempted to use alcohol to biologically groom a different female non-NCO. He became enraged when men tried to step in.

After work, my final battalion Sgt from my previous unit would require me to his office, close the door, and smack me in the face while threatening to hit me and kill me. He repeated this many years. There was no other NCO there.

He would print off FM 22-102, which is someone’s fictitious advice to Wall and Wall, indicating that he intends to beat me until I &# 039 am unconscious. Because I am not a real medic, he would say it &# 039

No Arts 15 was given to me. I did not comprehend why someone would do this, and I still do not. How out of control you must make.

This led me to make an attempt at death. I kept it a secret from everyone for around three years.

The same group of NCO &# 039 were talking shit about other soldiers when I last visited Facebook.

I believed that NCO &# 039,s were supposed to be held responsible. Not this destructive nonsense carnival, I was taught to accept my Sergeant and# 039,s.

What became of responsibilities? How is it possible for someone to constantly work against their own men?

Why has this received a negative vote?

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Trump Documents Inquiry Prompts Clash in Appeals Court

It is debatable whether prosecutors have enough proof of a crime to compel Donald J. Trump’s attorney to appear before the grand jurors and turn over documents pertaining to his picture of the former president.

CompTIA Certification


I’ve noticed that this is a common accreditation for veterans to get. If anyone in this room had any additional information they may share, that would be great. I was considering taking this path and wanted to know where to go or how to get started.

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