Wednesday, January 26, 2022
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Prep for decision movement?


Noticed a lot of folks recently have been stuck on the PFD step seemingly before the holidays. Just wondering if anyone has seen any movement or had their claims close in general. Mine moved to preparation for notification today, hopefully I see some good news.

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VA Disability


Hey All,

I got a quick question. I got asthma while over in Afghanistan and I am getting disability on that now. My question is my wife and I think I have sleep apnea too. I was wondering do I have to do a new claim since it is secondary to asthma or would I be able to do an appeal and somehow get it backdated to my asthma diagnosis with the VA?

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Has anyone heard anything about VA providing N95 respirators?


I know a bunch of N95's are being made available through some pharmacies and other retailers, but I was wondering if we can get any through the VA as well?

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VA Priority Group 1 and Tricare Prime?


I am retiring soon and just trying to put all the pieces together. I should be getting over 50% disability and from what I'm reading, that makes me priority group 1 with the VA.

Now, if I understand that correctly, that basically means the VA takes care of all my health care with $0 copay?

…and if I am understanding that correctly, is there any point to getting Tricare Prime if I live close to VA facilities?

I feel like I've gotta be missing something and hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

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Paying for a Masters


Anyone have any recommendations on how to pay for a masters? I have 6 months left on the G.I bill that could be stretched into a year but am looking for ways to cover the remaining year.

With the competitiveness in the Natural Resource industry, I'm looking into Fire Ecology or GIS programs to enhance my future career development.

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Melania Trump’s Auction of Hat Hit by Plunge in Cryptocurrency

The former first lady is selling a hat she wore for a visit by the French president amid volatility in the value of the digital currency being used for the auction.

Did We Miss Biden’s Most Important Remark About Russia?

Putin has something bigger to worry about at home than anything that happens in Ukraine.

discharge question


hey guys so as the title says, i was discharged back in 2018 with a general – under honorable conditions, but when reading the notes it says due to conviction by a criminal court…. thing is i was never convicted of anything and they processed my discharge before the actual court date, thoughts?

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Justice Dept. Is Reviewing Role of Fake Trump Electors, Top Official Says

Lisa O. Monaco, the deputy attorney general, told CNN that she could not “say anything more on ongoing investigations.”