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Correction for a disability claim that I filed online.


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Medboard Dilemma…


Last week, I found out there that I didn’t qualify to keep to phase two inside my medboard due to not meeting the necessity to be medboarded based on the outcomes of my medical evaluation. Because of that evaluation, the PEBLO is currently looking for an attorney that can help appeal my case. For anyone who were in this situation or even know some people who were in this particular situation, how long did you/they have to wait to determine regardless of whether your/their medboard case was/were appealed or not? If your/their medboard case wasn’t/were not really appealed, was there an alternative solution for you/them to get clinically discharged?

Gift for medic who treated my grandma.


Hey everyone. I am a civilian but our grandma fell on her encounter outside of an apartment complex, and by chance the person that has apartment was closest was obviously a former medic (? ). He came outside plus worked on her for an hr because she refused in order to call an ambulance or even go with one. He had taken her himself to the medical center. I go to her location all the time and she lives end and the guy doesn’t appear to be he’s doing well himself. He or she flies his flag inverted and we all know he beverages a lot and he’s in danger of being evicted. We’re setting up a group to pay his lease for the month, but this individual isn’t being evicted for this, he’s being evicted as they apparently keep getting into scuffles.

My loved ones wants to get him a present to thank him, so what do you all recommend? We all looked into him and he is an Iraq, Syria plus Afghan war vet. He or she looks like shit. We want to obtain him a plaque, the patch, whatever. What will be special?

EDIT: we told the particular landlord to please not really evict him and she’s giving him a chance. In the event that any of you have resources I could get for him make sure you DM me?

Question on Supplemental Claim


In 2015, I actually filed my VA declare for disability but was delivered TDY to Quantico designed for my federal government job. Due to that, I missed the particular notification for my healthcare appointment to get evaluated as well as the VA closed out the claim. I’ve been postponing redoing my claim plus was informed I have to document the supplemental 20-0095. Used to do that and uploaded everything. The question is, will I obtain scheduled for another medical assessment?

TRT treatment through the VA?


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Did anyone get vaccinated thru the VA?


This is a subreddit for information, sites, information and occasions that may interest veterans. We have been here to support one another, plus help resolve any VETERANS ADMINISTRATION / Veterans related problems.

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San Francisco GI Bill students


‘Have you appeared in the Wiki for an answer? We have information posted there.

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The Neverending Adjustment


I’ve been out of the army now for almost 20 years…. (Whiskey Tango Alfa Foxtrot?! )….. and despite having worked within the private sector all this period and even starting two companies on my own…. I find it nevertheless as hard as it has been 20 years ago to deal with civilians. Their outright passive intense bs gets on our damn nerves so poor. They live a lifetime of never having been defeat down for saying the incorrect word…. or the right phrase in the wrong tone…. also it shows.

On another note, There are noticed that corporate America, and also smaller businesses use experienced as a form of posturing to demonstrate how “inclusive” they are at work. Personally, I would take ten veterans over 50 civilians any day. At least I know they will get the jokes….. and not document an HR complaint information.

VA Disability


I figured I might tell my story right here. Looking for some advice plus insight.   USMC 95-99   Started having cool pains within a year associated with EAS. Went to the doctor many times since 2000. I have all of the documents. One doctor stated avascular necrosis and that I might need a hip replacement at some point. We really weren’t taught a lot told much about the VIRTUAL ASSISTANT and disability back in 99 and I didn’t have search engines research at my fingertips. Therefore i didn’t really pursue VETERANS ADMINISTRATION benefits, nor did We hurt that often, a twinge here or there plus that’s it.   Quick forward to 2012 and am couldn’t stand the pain. Visited an Orthopedic Surgeon and told me I had a split labrum. Had the surgical procedure to resurface the head from the femur and try and repair the labrum. I was great for a couple years, always within pain but manageable. 2015 I had my right cool replaced at age 40. GTG.   2018 I begin a new job with other veterans and they have me navigate to the VFW and file the claim. I waited until   November 2019 (I’m stubborn). So the VSO mentioned we had to come up with an injury in order to report to the VA We didn’t really have anything inside my medical record that recommended I had a hip injury(I have hip dysplasia read more about that to come). Yet I had fallen multiple times over the O course and away from 5 tons and such, therefore that’s what we put. Refused (not service related). We submit some more documents and obtain denied again which is the things i figured since I don’t have something in my USMC medical information about hip pain. Therefore March 2020 rolls close to and I have my remaining hip replaced (age 45) by a different Orthopedic Cosmetic surgeon and he is the one that finally describes to me that I was born along with hip dysplasia and the mind of both my femurs were not round. I requested if all the grounding plus pounding I did in the Marine corps could have sped up the process and said yes. So he or she wrote me a letter saying my hip problems had been worsened by my army service. I also went back to a first Orthopedic Surgeon and agreed and wrote us a similar letter. So I submitted an appeal(summited with the new surgery and brand new letters) in January plus my now my position sits as “Waiting to become sent to an Appeals Judge” 

Therefore that’s my story by today. I might not have used a few of the correct terms above yet hopefully you get the idea. Unsure where it will go came from here, but I’m hopeful plus otherwise life is pretty good.  

Information long read and remain strong brothers and sisters.      

Second Divorce. Life is a roller coaster right now.


5 year service Marine. Got out result in I let a woman persuade me to; we later on divorced.

Got married again 6 months right after first divorce final. Joined up with Fire Department for home town. Left for a better paying out department an hour drive away. Acquired some kids.

Broke up with infant mama (she’s bipolar; difficult to understand) and Got an additional woman pregnant. Found out the second one was pregnant exact same day the first baby the female decided to make things function again. Married her for your kids sake as I did not have a father growing up, minimum not a decent one.

My query is this: Does anyone else appear to jump from relationship in order to relationship in search of something? I actually don’t know what I’m searching for. I’m just numb in order to everything and everyone. A lot more hard right now. I can’t say for sure how to explain it. Nice reading my book We wrote just now.

Edit: Everyone states life gets easier. Whenever does it? I have yet to find out it. Slept with my mate and now things are strange. We were kinda drunk yet neither of us regret this. She’s got a BF but she’s conflicted. Banging sucks.