Emotional Support Animal?


I’m assuming this really is only for emotional and not actual physical support. Most of these programs need your Dr and, when applicable, your shrink in order to fill out some paperwork. Each program is different. I was likely to use the program through the United states humane society, but they need you and your doctor agree to keep weekly therapy sessions to be able to stay in the program. That necessity was going to add more tension than I already got and be counterproductive. Plus, many programs have a waiting listing of 12-18 months before you can start training with your dog. The majority of also require that you briefly relocate to their facility plus spend a week or 2 there with the dog.

I found that there is no legal requirements meant for formal training of canines before they can be considered provider dogs or emotional assistance dogs. So , if you can recovery a good boy/girl with an outstanding temperament and excellent behavior, or if you can train them to do so then you can have your personal dog with all of the legal defenses of a dog you would get from one of those programs.


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