Duplicate claims?


I recently was in the process of putting together a claim for my respiratory issues and originally saw the TVC.

Had an awesome veteran helping me out and putting together my file and he only asked for me to find my orders to prove I was where I was at on my deployment. He mentioned he could get into DEPRIS if I couldn't find the orders of if he couldn't find them.

I had a social work appointment today and the woman told me that I should have received a letter from Special Exams saying that I can file a claim if the doctor had diagnosed me from the examination.

Ended up going over to VBA to just get assistance on what all I needed for evidence and what I should file. The woman helping me just requested that paper and didn't ask for anything else. So it's like TVC had what VBA didn't have and vice versa. Next thing you know, I'm signing for the claim at the VBA.

Get an email from TVC saying they put in my claim as well and told me to check for notifications.

What happened with duplicate claims? Is there anything else I should do? Is it too late for a cancelation on one or does it matter?

I'm genuinely confused on what to do.

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