Didn’t get hired because of medical retirement status. Legal help?



I am medically retiring from the national guard (AGR). I recently applied for a job and in pre employment there was a psychological examination. On it I was asked reason for leaving my previous job. I put medical retirement. Every other step of the process was fine and i signed a conditional job offer. Days later I was informed the psych for the company had questions for me. They stated straight away that the company can't ask me certain questions but they can. Their concerns were what my percent of mental is and they wanted to see my rating letter. I don't have it so they acted like that could be a problem. In an effort to help I told them it was 70%. That was two days ago. Today I got a notice saying my job offer is rescinded.

What should I do? I didn't see a reason to conceal this fact, as I can still work and own guns. Should I contact someone? Is USERRA or ADA applicable? Should I just never disclose things again? I feel wronged. I believed this job was all set and I was counting on it.

Thank you.

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