DD-214 says “Disability, Permanent (Enhanced).” Retired 5 years… new C&P appt with VES tomorrow. I could use some guidance.


Everything about the MEB and retirement plus disability has been either an are located or a willful withholding from the truth. The last time We went through C& P examinations it was during—and a major factor to the continuation of—the dark time in my life. The is situated and disdain from everybody involved made me wish to give up on everything.

Now I’ve discovered I have to do it again.

I just want to know in the event that anything has changed? Is it all of the still fake? I’m nevertheless just going to go speak with a nurse with no specific training related to any of our conditions? I need to memorize sentences pertaining to my disability ranking and recite them to the girl? (I wish I had identified that part the first time around. ) Me being able to support my loved ones is going to depend on someone compensated to try and save the government some cash incase I’m making all this up?

Does anyone have hyperlinks to the document with the rankings and descriptions?

Thanks for any assist.


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