Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Trump Knows How to Make Promises. Do His Rivals?

Mike Pence and Nikki Haley are able to make proposals that are both improbable and controversial in some way.

Biden Expected to Move Ahead on a Major Oil Project in Alaska

The choice would make it possible for a massive$ 8 billion drilling project to take place in the largest area of the country's unpolluted...

D.C. and Congress Health Data Breach Affected More Than 56,000

Thousands of people's Social Security numbers and personal information, including some exist, were stolen in a D.C. medical market exploit that was revealed this...

Michael Cohen to Testify at Grand Jury as Likely Trump Indictment Looms

The main see in the case centered on a covert cost to Stormy Daniels is Mr. Cohen, the former fixer for Donald J. Trump.

Biden and E.U. Leader Seek Common Ground on Trade and Ukraine

In order to effectively combat Russia and a possible trade agreement for electric vehicles, President Biden and the head of the European Commission met.

Biden Promised to Revisit Presidential Immunity. He Hasn’t.

The president, who is currently the subject of a special counsel investigation, always kept his campaign promise to urge the Justice Department to reevaluate...

Donald Trump Faces Several Investigations. Here’s Where They Stand.

As federal and state prosecution press Mr. Trump in a number of questions, the Manhattan district attorney's office appears to be getting close to...

No Rest Between Censuses for Congressional Mapmakers

Social parties' once-daily redistricting battle is just ongoing, and up to 29 chairs in 14 states are already in danger of being restored.

What We Know About the Potential Indictment of Donald Trump

Lawyers face difficulties in a way against the previous president, who is also running for president. Here is the reason.

Missing From Biden’s Budget: His Plan for Social Security

The government's most recent budget, like his former ones, made no mention of any income or spending changes related to the system, which he...