Monday, May 29, 2023

House Democrats Move to Force a Vote on Expelling Santos From Congress

It would take a two-thirds supermajority to remove the New York Republican, but a vote would put members of his party on the record...

How Biden Blew It on the Debt Ceiling

Doesn’t anyone here know how to play this game?

Manchin Clashes With Biden Administration Over Climate Law

Senator Joe Manchin III, the conservative West Virginia Democrat who faces re-election next year and is flirting with a presidential run, has threatened to...

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman Heads to Congress to Discuss Rules for A.I.

Sam Altman, who leads ChatGPT’s parent company, is expected to call for some regulation of artificial intelligence as Washington weighs its next steps.

Biden and McCarthy Set for More Talks as Debt Ceiling Deadline Nears

Tuesday’s negotiations at the White House come a day after the Treasury Department reiterated that the government could run out of money to pay...

After Biden Predicted Chaos at the Border, a Quieter Than Expected Weekend

The days after pandemic-era immigration restrictions were lifted showed the ability of federal authorities, local governments and private nonprofits to temporarily triage the situation...

Pence Looks Toward 2024 Run, Using Reagan’s Playbook, Not Trump’s

A pro-Pence super PAC is being formed, and so is a plan to barnstorm Iowa. “This campaign is going to reintroduce Mike Pence to...

Georgia Prosecutor Rebuts Trump’s Effort to Scuttle Elections Case

The prosecutor, Fani Willis, responded dismissively to a motion filed by Donald Trump’s lawyers that accused her of bias and sought to have her...

No Degree? No Problem. Biden Tries to Bridge the ‘Diploma Divide.’

President Biden is trying to appeal to working-class voters by emphasizing his plans to create well-paid jobs that do not require a college degree.

In Durham Report, Trump-Era Special Counsel Decries Russia Investigation

After four years of investigating the Russia inquiry, John Durham turned in a report that was made public on Monday.