Sunday, July 3, 2022

Biden Bans Most Antipersonnel Land Mine Use, Reversing Trump-Era Policy

The move effectively returns to a 2014 policy that forbade the use of the weapons except in defense of South Korea.

Despite Growing Evidence, a Prosecution of Trump Would Face Challenges

As House hearings highlighted testimony that could create more pressure to pursue a criminal case, the former president tried out a defense that strained...

Semiconductor Makers Push Congress for New Funding

American semiconductor giants are pressing Congress to pass legislation that would provide $52 billion for their industry, warning that they may otherwise relocate overseas.

Jan. 6 Panel Says Capitol Marcher Toured With G.O.P. Congressman

The committee released surveillance footage of a Capitol complex tour on Jan. 5 and video of a man it said was part of the...

Congress Must Rein In Skyrocketing Drug Prices

Congress may have a limited window to pass legislation that could curb skyrocketing drug prices.