Monday, March 27, 2023

How Republicans and Democrats Are Reacting to the Possible Trump Indictment

Republicans are denouncing the potential prosecution, and Democrats in general are being cautious. What else is being said is as follows.

House Republicans Target Bragg Ahead of Expected Trump Indictment

The Manhattan district attorney's criminal investigation into the previous president was sought by three Democratic commission chairman using their investigative authority. His political campaign...

What We Know About the Potential Indictment of Donald Trump

Lawyers face difficulties in a way against the previous president, who is also running for president. Here the reason.

DeSantis Breaks Silence on Trump and Criticizes Manhattan D.A.

The Florida governor, who had refrained for days from weighing in on the potential indictment of his likely 2024 rival, accused the Manhattan district...

Trump’s Georgia Lawyers Seek to Quash Special Grand Jury Report

The attorneys request that the Fulton County district attorney's office been removed from the judicial investigation into election meddling in the state in 2020...

How Donald Trump Would Be Arrested

Some of Donald J. Trump's followers have indicated that they intend to protest, and law enforcement officials are making protection preparations in advance of...

What Could Happen If Trump Is Indicted This Week

This week will make unlike any other in American elections if Trump is charged.

Donald Trump’s History with Manhattan D.A. Office

Their relationship gave Trump fast access to power, some respect, and, at least in his eyes, a potential ally should the need arise.

Video Testimony in the Covid Era Faces a Constitutional Test

The Supreme Court has been asked by two criminal defendants to determine whether their distant witness violated the confrontation clause of the Sixth Amendment.

Out of Power, Trump Still Exerts It

For Republican officials, an early-morning social media post served as a shortstop gun: Most flocked to the former presidential candidate and denounced the Democratic...