Thursday, December 1, 2022

Big Donors Like Steve Schwarzman Back Away From Donald Trump

Deep-pocketed conservatives, including Stephen A. Schwarzman and Kenneth C. Griffin, said they plan to back alternatives to the former president.

Trump’s Don’t-Blame-Me Calculus

The announcement of another White House run by Donald Trump showed that in his heads-I-win-tails-you-lose world, all successes accrue to him. Any failings are...

Trump Is Running in 2024. The White House Has a Plan.

The president’s advisers have been working on a strategy for how the White House will respond to what they expect will be a constant...

Trump’s Drag on Republicans Quantified: A Five-Point Penalty

An analysis based on House districts shows a pattern in the results of his preferred primary candidates.

Has Donald Trump Lost His Grip on the Republican Party?

Two conservative writers, Ross Douthat and Kevin D. Williamson, join Jane Coaston to discuss Trump’s odds and Ron DeSantis’s rise.

Amid Crises, Biden Offers the World a Choice: My Way, or Trump’s

The president put his coalition-building approach on display on a trip through Asia, where he sought to ease tensions with China.

The Donald Trump Show Is Back. Let’s Not Tune In.

Trump may be running for president again, but that doesn’t mean we have to give him a do-over.

Donald Trump’s Announcement Is a Sign of Weakness

An admission of weakness poorly disguised in a show of strength.

America Deserves Better Than Donald Trump

Mr. Trump’s return to the campaign trail poses new dangers to American democracy.

The Chaos Inside Donald Trump’s Mind

Far from a model C.E.O, the former president is an inattentive, lazy, incompetent manager, saddling his presidential campaign with a heavy disadvantage.