Sunday, July 3, 2022

A New Task for Biden: Readying Allies for a Long Conflict in Ukraine

In March, talk of victory was in the air. Now, maintaining unity against President Vladimir V. Putin is looking harder, with President Biden heading...

Biden Signs Bipartisan Gun Bill Into Law

The bill is the most significant gun measure to clear Congress in nearly three decades, though it falls short of more restrictive gun control...

The Bromance of Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani

Giuliani’s loyalty to the former president was born in his darkest moment.

Biden Urges Public to Vote After Supreme Court’s Abortion Decision

“This decision must not be the final word,” President Biden said after the Supreme Court eliminated the constitutional right to abortion.

Congress Passes Bipartisan Gun Legislation, Clearing It for Biden

The House gave final approval to the Senate-passed compromise, ending nearly three decades of congressional inaction.

No One Is Above the Law, and That Starts With Donald Trump

The prosecution of the former president is not only permissible but required for the sake of American democracy.

The Case for Prosecuting Trump

Jamelle Bouie explores what the Jan. 6 hearings reveal about American democracy.

Panel Provides New Evidence That G.O.P. Members of Congress Sought Pardons

The House Jan. 6 committee played testimony from former Trump aides who said at least half a dozen Republicans had pre-emptively sought clemency.

Abandoned by Trump, Mo Brooks Is Now Open to Testifying About Jan. 6

Mr. Brooks lost his Alabama Senate runoff on Tuesday. He had been snubbed by former President Donald J. Trump, who withdrew his endorsement of...