Thursday, December 1, 2022

Court Appears Ready to End Trump’s Special Master Review

Two of the three judges had already expressed skepticism about a court’s intervention after the F.B.I. seized records from the ex-president’s home.

Supreme Court Allows House Democrats to Obtain Trump’s Tax Returns

In a terse order, the Supreme Court rejected the former president’s request that it block the Treasury Department from turning over the files.

Some Advice for Jack Smith, the Special Counsel in the Trump Investigations

We can learn a lot from previous presidential investigations.

What Makes Trump Different From DeSantis and Other Republicans

To his supporters, he will still be the only outsider candidate capable of taking on a corrupt system.

Prosecution Rests as Trump Company Trial Moves Faster Than Expected

In a sign of confidence, Manhattan prosecutors skipped a witness they had said they would call. The case could end as soon as next...

Trump Faces a New Special Counsel

In a moment of political déjà vu, the Justice Department’s criminal investigations into Donald J. Trump have taken a familiar turn.

Manhattan Prosecutors Again Consider a Path Toward Charging Trump

The district attorney’s office is investigating Donald J. Trump’s role in a hush-money payment to a porn star, an approach that previously failed to...

The Pro-Life Movement Has to Break With Trumpism

If not, the movement’s greatest legal triumph could lead to enduring cultural defeat.

Trump Family’s Newest Partners: Middle Eastern Governments

The government of Oman is a partner in a real estate deal signed last week by the former president, intensifying questions about a potential...

Why Donald Trump’s Return to Twitter Would Be So Dangerous

Elon Musk’s decision to activate Donald Trump’s account is a dangerous one.