Wednesday, January 26, 2022

President Biden’s Economy Is Failing the Big Mac Test

The administration made a lot of the right economic moves in its first year, but high inflation is reason enough to postpone any celebrations.

President Biden’s Team Sees Reasons for Optimism in New Data

The national coronavirus caseload was on a slight downward trajectory, largely because of declines in Northeast cities. Here’s the latest on Covid-19.

Biden Looks to Intel’s U.S. Investment to Buoy His China Agenda

The president said passage of a China competition bill was needed “for the sake of our economic competitiveness and our national security.”

Jan. 6 Panel and State Officials Seek Answers on Fake Trump Electors

Pressure is mounting on the Justice Department to investigate bogus electors who claimed that Donald J. Trump defeated Joseph R. Biden Jr. in their...

What Biden’s Chief of Staff Has Learned, One Year In

Ron Klain reflects on the first year of the administration.

The Mental Health Toll of Trump-Era Politics

When politics becomes “a pervasive and largely unavoidable source of chronic stress.”

Why Biden's Agenda Brings Him Closer to L.B.J. Than F.D.R.

The president’s agenda — big progressive change — has placed Democratic priorities over the voters’ desire for practical help on the pandemic and inflation.

Late Night Celebrates One Year of President Biden

“A year ago, Biden pledged to address Covid, the economy, climate change and racial injustice. And good news — after 12 months of tireless...

Biden Versus the Friends of Covid

Anti-vaccine politics explain many of the president’s problems.

Biden the Negotiator Confronts the Cold Reality of Capitol Hill Gridlock

President Biden will retreat from fruitless negotiations with lawmakers and instead emphasize his power to govern, senior White House advisers said.