Saturday, June 10, 2023

For King Charles, Coronation Day Is a Step on a Tightrope Walk

Britain’s head of state is said to want a more accessible, forward-looking and inclusive monarchy. It’s not an easy message to convey through golden...

What Is King Charles’s Coronation For?

When it comes to some national spectacles, anachronism is a feature, not a bug.

U.S. History Scores Are Falling, but It’s Not Just Because of the Pandemic

The latest test results continue a nearly decade-long plunge, as reading and math take priority.

After Pandemic Rebound, U.S. Manufacturing Droops

Factories that roared out of the recession have stalled, hampering the economy, even as a new wave of production looms.

For King Charles’s Coronation, a Fancy Fish Pie Without the Fish

For most coronations over the past 800 years, the city of Gloucester in England has presented newly crowned monarchs with lamprey pies. Charles’s pie...

King Charles’s Coronation: A British TV Spectacle for the Digital Age

King Charles III’s coronation will be disseminated across numerous platforms to a less sympathetic public than when his mother was crowned in 1953.

The Coronation of King Charles III and the Food That Comes With It

A careful eater and a champion of organic farming, King Charles III has a potent pulpit for changing the national diet — though that...

The ‘Woke Mind Virus’ Is Eating Away at Republicans’ Brains

President Biden is the primary beneficiary of the G.O.P.’s deepening radicalism.

White House Will End Most Covid Vaccine Mandates

The mandates helped end the public health emergency. But they also prompted a politically charged debate.

Scotland’s Coronation Day: Charles Souvenirs, Anti-Monarchy Rallies and Shrugs

The crowning of King Charles III will be a test of sentiment about the monarchy in Scotland, where many supporters of independence see the...