Saturday, June 10, 2023

For Anti-Monarchists, Charles’s Coronation Is Evidence for Ending the Monarchy

Supporters of an elected head of state for Britain see the coronation as an opportunity to highlight the absurdity of having a royal family...

King Charles’s Coronation: What Will Happen and When

Processions through central London will bookend a coronation service in Westminster Abbey. King Charles III and other members of the royal family will also...

The Covid Pandemic Emergency is Apparently Over

But Covid isn’t quite done with us yet.

C.D.C. to Scale Back Covid Tracking Efforts

With the official end of the public health emergency next week, the agency will no longer report community levels of infection and will stop...

900,000 New Yorkers Lost at Least 3 Loved Ones to Covid

Nearly one in four New Yorkers lost at least one person close to them, according to a newly released survey. The toll was even...

W.H.O. Ends Global Health Emergency Designation for Covid

The decision has little practical effect but is a significant moment in the struggle against a virus that has killed millions and upended lives...

W.H.O. Dismisses Covid Origins Investigator for Sexual Misconduct

Peter K. Ben Embarek led a contentious international investigation into the origins of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Covid Remained a Leading Cause of Death Among Americans in 2022

Most of the deaths occurred during the early months of the year and mostly among older adults, according to new federal data.

The U.K. Economy Needs a Pick-Me-Up. Is the Coronation Enough?

Caught between slow growth and high inflation, businesses are hoping King Charles’s coronation will bolster consumer confidence enough to last more than just one...

Eli Lilly Trial Finds Alzheimer’s Drug Can Slow Progress of Disease

Donanemab is not a cure and comes with significant side effects, but patients had longer periods of independent living while on the drug.